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10% of all generated BNB will be given at random to the whitelisted presale participants.


1000 B

Total Supply

500 B


500 B

Circulating Supply



Key features

What is going to get
Icarus to Fly?

Much People, Much Fun, Much Earnings

Manโ€™s best friend is giving power to the people. With daily, weekly and monthly competitions to give uncapped rewards to active members.


Make dank memes and content! The most excellent will be rewarded!

Crypto Frenezy!

Suggest projects and vote on them! Diversified rewards distributed back to the community

Discover the reflections


3% Community & Growth

Funds are allocated for Community Growth: Promotions, Giveaways, Ads & Banners, Activities and Events etc.

2% to Holders

Holders receive a percentage of every transaction into their wallets, based on their share of the supply.

5% LP Acquisition

With every transaction the smart contract will add liquidity in the pool, improving the longevity of the project

Get ready to to reach Crypto Elysium!

Get your wings ready!

Become part of our ever growing community and fly with us towards legendary realms.

Our plan of action ๐Ÿ‘Œ



Phase II
  • Uncapped Rewards focused on Community Engagement
  • Launch Game Development Branch of Business
  • Additional Cex and Dex listings
  • Leverage other Tokens for growth and giveaways
  • Community voting system


Phase III
  • Uncapped Rewards focused on Community Engagement
  • NFT Mint and Marketplace
  • Utilize Community Size to diversify revenue streams
  • *New games
  • *Online Store
  • Crypto World Domination
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Our team


Community development and value generation. History in Banking and Project Management.

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Professional career in IT, HR & management for over 10 years, SysAdmin of game servers and private cloud.

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Crypto investor since 2016 and a big fan of good memes. Direct sales and management experience of over 8 years.

You got them dank memes?
Do your part!


The visuals maker and protector. In advertising since 2015, Creative Director almost ever since.

Logo not big enough?
Step up!


In crypto since 2013 and specialist in blockchain security.

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As a community member you are a core part of the future growth and flight of Shiba Icarus.

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Ready when you are

Become part of our ever growing community and fly with us towards legendary realms.

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